How to Reduce Projector Fan Noise?

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While the goal of movie and TV watching experiences revolves around enjoying content without unwanted distractions, we need to remember the basic physics of technology. Projectors, just like everything from PCs to cars and airplanes, need active cooling to ensure optimal performance. Technology continues to improve and components now produce far less sound than in […]

How to Clean the Screen of LCD Projectors

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Modern projectors are one of the best tools that any conference room can have. They also make for great additions to any living room or classroom looking to increase screen size. They are an affordable way to project images into large surfaces while still maintaining a clear, smooth, and sharp image. LCD screens have become […]

‘No Signal’ on Projector Screen When Connecting to HDMI

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It is a very common occurrence that you want to use your projector to stream some movies at home, or you need it to run an important presentation back in the office, there pops out a message which shows “no signal, screensaver, etc.” when connecting your streaming device to the projector by an HDMI cable. […]

Best Screen Size for Home Theater

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Are you putting together a home theater and have decided to buy a projector with a projector screen? Do you know the right home theater screen size for your home projector? With projection screens, screen size for a projector does matter. Selecting the right size for your home projector can depend on several factors, and […]

Tips for Using Home Projector

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A home theater is an incredible place to get your family and friends in one place to spend quality time together. And a home projector can provide you with precisely what you need to have an incredible viewing experience without going to the cinema. Moreover, you don’t need to spend as much as you would […]